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Sitelock feature plans

Sitelock Plans

  • Pages
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • Network Scan
  • Trust Seal
  • Daily FTP Scan
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • File Change Monitoring
  • Application Scan
  • SQL Injection Scan
  • Cross-Site Scripting Scan
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SL Basic

  • 25
  • -
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  • 1 Time
  • 1 Time
  • 1 Time
  • 20USD /year
  • RM90 /year

SL Pro

  • 100
  • 1 Time
  • 1 Time
  • 1 Time
  • 53USD /year
  • RM200 /year

SL Premium

  • 500
  • 79USD /year
  • RM300 /year

SL Enterprise

  • 2500
  • 195USD /year
  • RM740 /year

How Sitelock Works?

Malware Scanning
When your website is infected with malware, your visitors' computers will be infected with viruses after visiting your site, which in turn causes frustration, anger, and distrust with them. With SiteLock, viruses on your website will be identified, and you will be notified immediately so that we can help you REMOVE it.

Blacklist Monitoring & Reputation Management
SiteLock's patent-pending 360-degree scan makes sure your website is not banned by search engines. It also effectively ensures that your emails reach your customers' inbox, and Not their spam folder. Lastly, SiteLocks prevents your visitors from seeing warnings about data security (SSL certificate) when they visit your site by consistently checking your SSL expiry date and compliance with web browser expectations.

Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool (SMART)
The complex SMART scan takes a deeply comprehensive look at the surface of your website from the outside-in. If any malware is detected, the automated tool quickly REMOVES it so that your website does not become blacklisted or incur any downtime. Your visitors will enjoy a consistent secure experience when visiting your website.

Application Scanning
SiteLock verifies the applications you've installed on your website. As application versions age (like Windows 2000 or Wordpress 1.0) and become vulnerable to hacking such as Cross-Site Scripting or SQL injection, SiteLock reports it to you immediately and can help you upgrade your applications to secure your site.

Database Protection
SQL injection, a type of hacking that illegally gains access to the database records such as credit card data is an extremely damaging attack to vulnerable websites. With SiteLock, the risk of your website being compromised by hacking of this nature is also greatly reduced.

Network Security
Some ports of network servers need to stay open (e.g. the port for web content on your Internet server) while others should not be (e.g. the e-mail or database ports on the same server). If hackers successfully gain access to your network, they could steal data, deface your website, or worse. SiteLocks checks each port (thousands) on your servers to make sure that only the appropriate ones are open and protect them using strong security.

Customer Testimonials

It's a great service with fantastic support. It's definately good value for your money. Overall rating, 10 out of 10.
Much better than my previous hosting company - I also got help with migration at no extra cost. Friendly support too.