Who wants a slow website? No one. Everyone wants a speedy website, the owner especially so. After all, if your website’s performance is far from being stellar, your potential visitors will probably leave before the whole page has even finished loading. In addition, a slow performing website will have you penalized in search results and that means less traffic for your website that is already performing less.

If that is how your WordPress site is performing, then it badly needs optimization. In that case, you are on the right page as this article aims to help you optimize your WordPress site and improve its performance.  If you have been wondering how to optimize your WordPress site, here are some tips you can try to speed up your site’s performance.

How Slow Is Your WordPress Site?

Your WordPress site maybe slow to you, but it is important to know just how slow your website is to figure out exactly what you need to do to improve its performance. To find out, there are different services that you can enlist. Using services like Google PageSpeed Insights, you can find out how fast your site loads and find out your page’s overall size.

Checking the page speed of your site before and after you tweaked it so that you know if actually made difference. On that note, before you make a move to optimize your WordPress site, make sure you have tested the site’s speed and kept note of it. If you did, then you can jump on to the things you can do for improving your site’s performance.

Choose a Great Web Host

 If your site is hosted in a slow server, sorry to say that it will be impossible to try to speed it up no matter what you do. In that sense, the first step is to choose the right hosting provider to finally have a quick-loading website. Research on the best web hosting service that make speed a priority and has the features you need then pick what you liked the best.

Choose a Fast Theme

You can choose from many WordPress themes and there are options there that offer to make your life a lot easier. To optimize the speed of your site, you need to choose the right theme – a fast theme – not something that has a size in megabytes, which only adds to the loading time of your page. If possible, choose a theme with fewer options as every feature you do not use only slows your site down.

Minimize Plugins

If you use plugins, make sure to use only those that you really need. A huge number of plugins will not exactly make a big difference in the speed of your WordPress site. However, it runs the risk of you installing badly behaving plugins that could slow your site. In addition, ensure that the plugins you use are optimized for the version of WordPress you are using so you can take advantage of latest improvements in performance.


These, plus a number of other tips and tricks can help optimize your site and offer you wide range of advantages you can never have with a slow-paced WordPress site that is a pain to load. So, check out more information on how to optimize WordPress sites to better improve your site’s speed and performance. 

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