Joomla! is a CMS, one of the mobile-friendly and easiest CMS’s to use in building your own website. Joomla! Is dedicated to make creating and maintaining websites easier for everyone, whether you are a beginner trying to set up your first website or an IT professional tasked to manage enterprise installation.

If you are beginner, then this article will serve to be a very useful source of information about Joomla! Now, if you have never used or heard Joomla! before, you may want to read an extensive definition of what Joomla! is supposed to be. Read on below to find out what Joomla and how it is used out in the world.

What is Joomla!?

Joomla! is an award-winning CMS or content management system. It allows you to build websites as well as online applications. It offers many aspects and features including extensibility and ease of use, such features making Joomla! one of the most popular website software. But the best thing with Joomla! is the fact that it is open-source, meaning it is available to everyone for free.

Joomla! can be used to a variety of applications in the real world. You can use it to power websites of all sizes and shapes. Often, this CMS is used for creating and maintaining corporate portals and websites, corporate intranets and extranets, government applications, e-commerce, small business websites, community-based portals, online magazines, publications and newspapers, church and school websites and personal homepages.

How Can Joomla! Help Build a Site for a Client?

Joomla! is designed to it will be easy to install and setup. Even when you are not an advanced user of the application, you can still use it to build a website. You can install it with single click courtesy of web hosting services, allowing you to get a new website setup and running within just a few minutes. This is how easy Joomla! is to use, reason why many uses it, professional and amateurs alike.

The ease of use of Joomla! allows web designers and developers to quickly build website for their clients using this particular software. The client, with only minimal instructions, can also easily maintain their new sites by themselves, thanks to Joomla!’s features.  Furthermore, if a web designer’s client need a website with specialized functionality, Joomla! is also the right CMS to us for being highly extensible and has thousands of features.

Joomla! Support and Advanced Applications

For web developers, they will find many advanced ways that Joomla! can be used. They can go beyond what Joomla! is basically used and use this powerful application for creating sophisticated applications such as reservation systems, communication tools, application bridges, inventory control systems, integrated e-commerce systems and more.  


As a popular open source CMS, you will find a vibrant and continuously growing community supporting Joomla! Behind this open source CMS are a community of talented web developers and friendly users that continue to contribute to the software. With that, you can expect that there is a bright future awaiting Joomla! and any of its users.

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