Almost everyone today has blogs and it’s a great thing because you can share almost anything. However, what’s better than that is how you can actually earn quite a decent money from creating a blog in blogspot. Blogspot is one of the most popular blogging platforms being free. After all, as a newbie in the industry, you probably are reluctant to make an initial investment to create a blog, which is quite reasonable.

You will find out there a good number of blogging platforms that let you create free blogs. One of the best free blogging platforms would be as the initial platform to use for blogging. Once you’ve had some experience, then you can move on to a more advanced and professional blogging platform. But for now, Blogspot it is.

How to Start Your First Blog Post on BlogSpot

To start making money in writing blogs, of course, you need to register an account in first. Head over to BlogSpot site then login using your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, then you can just create one. When you have successfully logged into BlogSpot, you can either assume the identity of your Google Plus profile or a BlogSpot profile.

When you are logged in, just click ‘new blog’ and create a free blog. The first thing you need to do to create a blog is to add a name and then choose your domain. It is better to avoid using personal name for domain name. Instead, use a generic domain name that you can brand later on using a custom domain when you have gained traction in your blogging activities.

After selecting a domain name, choose the blog template you want then click ‘Create Blog’. You’ve done the first part but you are still far from done. To make your blog easier to use, there are a few settings you would want to tweak for successfully setting up your BlogSpot blog and begin your work as a blogger.

On that note, look for the “Settings” on your BlogSpot dashboard and make some changes to improve the visibility of your blog. In the dashboard, there you will also see the icon of overlapping pages and from there, click on “Posts”  which will lead you to “New Post”  allowing you to begin writing your first blog post. 

Before you start your post, though, it would be better to write an ‘About’ page so your future readers will know who you are as well as what your blog is all about. You can write an ‘About’ page by going to “Pages” and start creating a description of your blog. Writing an about page is important as it will let your readers know more about you and feel more encouraged in reading or sharing your blog posts.

Besides writing an about page, choosing the right template is also important. Choosing the right template that represents you and what your blog is about will better capture the attention of potential readers. After all, the way that your blog looks like is often the first thing that readers see before they even read your blog post in

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