Wordpress is one of the best CMS on the market today. It is flexible, easy to use & update, SEO friendly and come with thousand of Wordpress plugin & themes that makes Wordpress website a breeze. 

However, Wordpress also need to keep updating and do maintenance on it. Having a well-maintained Wordpress website that provides hassle-free user experience is the key to successful online business.

Therefore we are providing some tips that you can implement to make your websites better.


1) Website Speed Audit
Checking up on your site page speed and loading time is important to help enhance user experience. Web Speed also will help increase your SEO ranking. Tools for website speed audit can be use such as Google Page Speed Insight - https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

2) Check for Broken Links
Broken links can have a negative effect on website search engine ranking. Thus it's essential for you to check & fix them immediately. There are a lot of tools that can be used to check broken link such as W3C link checker - https://validator.w3.org/checklink

3)301 Redirect for Broken Links
Clicking on a link and landing on a 404 error page is quite frustrating for a user. Hence to avoid this make use of 301 redirect to redirect web pages, broken links, and another similar page.

4)Upgrade Wordpress and Wordpress plugin to the Latest Version
Please keep updating your WordPress to the latest version to ensure your website security is robust. Its also make sure that you do not miss out the new features of Wordpress.

5) DELETE Spam Comments, Delete Unwanted Themes and DELETE Unwanted Plugins
Wordpress always having an issue where your comment post always full of spam comments, when it comes, please make sure that you always delete the spam comments. There are plenty of plugins to stop spam comment for Wordpress, make sure you install one. 

Unwanted themes and Unwanted plugins need to be deleted to make sure your site is lightweight and also prevent a security threat.

6) Clear Trash
Clearing out your database trash should be a part of your daily maintenance 

7) Website Security Monitoring
Please alert on any security announcement from WordPress and patch it immediately. Besides that, you can subscribe one of the best Website protectors for business which is Sitelock. https://mtasolutions.com.my/sitelock.php

8) Backup your websites regularly
Your websites need to backup at least once in a month to make sure that you can undo if anything happens to your websites. If you dont have times to backup your websites, Codeguard can do it for you. https://mtasolutions.com.my/codeguard.php

9) Disable the Debug Mode
Disable the debug mode in Wordpress to prevent error message from being published on your websites.

10) Change your password
Please avoid using an easy password like admin123, 123456789, or something like that. Your password is your website gate. If your gate is loose than hackers can come and attack anytime. Recommended changing your password at least once in a month.


As a conclusion, maintaining your Wordpress website is crucial if you want to reap rich dividends of your hard work in the future.


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