If you are associated with digital marketing, you have got to know what Alexa ranking is. A few years back, Alexa was considered an extremely effective and important metric tool that could determine the popularity of a website.

Alexa, over the course of 20 years, has maintained its relevance and is as relevant as Google Page Rank for website owners and webmasters. 

Below we shed on all 4 major reasons we why Alexa ranking is so important even today and how it can help improve your website’s ranking.

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa ranking refers to a ranking that is given by Alexa to your website, based on the amount of traffic it receives on a daily basis. Alexa launched in 1996 and is a well-knowncsubsidiary of

The website ranking tool specializes in collecting, monitoring and analyzing web traffic data, that it uses to rank websites and blogs. Website ranking is very important as it tells you about your websites ranking in the digital world. It also determines the popularity, as well as, the profitability of your website.

There are two metrics that Alexa uses for deciding the ranking of any website, which are:

– total number of page views and total number of unique visitors

– within a period of three months.   

Page views means the number of times your website has been viewed by users, while unique visitors refer to the number of individual who visit your website for the first time. If a user visits your website three or four times a day, it is counted as a single unique visit.

Alexa calculates the ranking of your website based on the traffic it receives from users who have installed Alexa toolbar on their browser extensions or plugins. Every time a user arrives on your website, the plugin, toolbar, or extension, sends the information to Alexa server, allowing it to records the user’s IP and the number of pages he or she visits. All this information is collected for over three months and analyzed to determine website’s ranking.

With Google, the higher the ranking of your website, the more authoritative and popular your website is. While with Alexa, the more smaller the number of your website the more popular it is.

Reasons Why Alexa Ranking is Essential for you Website

1. Alexa tool is a valuable metric thay indicates the popularity of your website. It serves as a comparative tool, that allows you to compare your website with your competitors and check the performance it is making in terms of traffic, content and popularity. If you want your website to rank well, your website should be placed among the top 50,000 ranked sites.

2. Alexa helps in determinining the marketing potential of your website. Having a high Alexa ranking means your website is more profitable and can attract more advertisers.

3. Alexa also determines your website’s Google page rank. If your website is ranked high on Google it will be indexed.

4. Alexa ranking is relevant and a very important metric used by many webmasters to understand their website’s standing.


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